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A great abundance of archaeological evidence shows us that as early as the fourth millennium BC, there were continuous political, cultural and economic relations between the Sumerian city-states of Mesopotamia and polities to the east and southeast on the Iranian plateau.

Jiroft University

In 2009, with the start of Jiroft Medical Sciences University the first groups of students were admitted to serve in the provision for health and treatment services in south of Kerman that is the most important objective of setting up the university.


In Clinical Skills (CS), students learn to communicate with patients, families, and other members of the care team; examine patients; develop clinical reasoning skills; and understand the important role of a student-doctor in a patient’s care.


jiroft University of Medical Sciences provides its students with 2 off-campus apartment buildings

About Our University

Jiroft Medical University currently admits students for 11 courses of medicine, nursing, midwifery, operating room, anesthetics, laboratory sciences, general Hygiene, and the continued and discontinued bachelor of environmental health, associate degree of Medical aid to fight with diseases, and associate and bachelor degrees of Family Health.

The university has 65 faculty members.

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