About Jiroft


About Jiroft

South of Kerman with an area of 40,000 km2 is considered as a part of the south-east region of Iran and located on the longitude 56 degrees, 17 minutes and latitude 26 degrees and 43 minutes and has been surrounded from north by Keramn, from south by Jazmoorian Wetland and Hormozgan province; from east by Sistan & Baloochestan province and Bam; from west by Baft city and a part of Hormozgan province.

This region with seven cities (Jiroft, Anbarabad, Manoojan, South Roodbar, Faryab and Ghaleh Ganj) has a population exceeding 900,000. There is much historical evidence showing that the south of Keram long ago has been a habitat for different tribes and the major center of cultivation and farming. Carvings on the detected historical artifacts dating back to the millenniums BC shows the long age of agriculture in this region that has been developed a lot during the decade after the Revolution due to several reasons.

This region with a cultivation area of about 242,000 hectare constitutes 29% of the cultivated area and about 67% of the total agriculture and livestock products and about 4% of the country’s production.

The rich region of the south of Kerman has national and even global records in some of the products in terms of the rate of production in the area unit and is considered as one of the few areas of the country, rather the world, in which a special product is cultivated in several turns.

Geographical features: Jiroft city with a population of about 130,429 people (according to 2015) is located in the east south of Iran in Kerman province. The county of Jiroft has three types of weather: hot, cold and moderate. But the city of Jiroft has a warm climate. Its height from the sea level is 650 meters. Economic features: Jiroft is an agricultural and non-industrial town. It has agricultural and fertile land, and most of its land is under cultivated of greenhouse. Also there are many palm andcitrus orchards in Jiroft. Jiroft is known as small India due to having very fertile lands.






  Historical features:

According to historical documents and archaeology data, Jiroft civilization dates back to four hundred years ego. The artifacts of this civilization are exhibited in the Jiroft archaeology museum.

Jiroft airport:Tehran- Jiroft flights are served by this airport.