The First Nano Startup School was held in the South East of I.R.IRAN

  • 2019/10/15

The head of Jiroft University of Medical Sciences Development Center announced the opening of the first Nano Startup School in Jiroft and said: "this school was held by Deputy of Research and Technology of Jiroft University of Medical Sciences for two days on Wednesday 9 to Thursday 10 October 2019".

Dr Gholam Ali Haghighat added: "The nano-startup School was held for the first time in the south-east of the country in the Ibn- Sina Hall of Imam Khomeini Hospital in Jiroft".  Also he said: "The first nano-startup school in the south-east of the country hosted 38 medical, midwifery, surgery room, environmental health and nursing students, offering five basic workshops in two working days.These workshops included introduction of growth center, extraction of medicinal plants, and introduction to business ecosystem, application of nanotechnology in medical sciences and brainstorming".

He described the history of nano-startups and said: "Nano-startop is a technology-driven approach aimed at building teams to address national and international challenges in the field of water and the environment. In this start-up, you learn how to think right and grow your idea in the right direction and get to know new people and partners who can help you advance or invest in your idea,".

Also he pointed: "Nano-startup tournaments are held internationally and nationally, so students strive to get top-notch titles by creating ideas".

He stated that the main purpose of holding startups is to provide an empirical framework for enhancing the capabilities associated with launching nanotechnology firms with an emphasis on identifying real needs and said: "Programs are in two stages (technology opportunity selection) and non-technology (technology business plan completion). At the end Director of Health Technology Development at Jiroft University of Medical Sciences stated: "It takes a lot of thought-provoking work".